COVID - 19 Updates

May 8, 2020 Update

            We are writing to you this week to once again give you an update on our facility during these trying times.  We are pleased to report that we do not have any residents or staff members who have tested positive for COVID-19. We are certain that this is due to the continued hard work of our staff as they meticulously follow infection control guidelines.  We also credit our families, fellow healthcare practitioners, and community for lifting us up with love and support.

            As you are aware, there are a few facilities in our area that have COVID positive residents and staff.  Our prayers and support go out to those facilities and their staff.  They are hero’s and fine people doing their absolute best. Please support them.

            We are strictly following all infection control guidelines, state and federal reporting requirements, and working closely with our local Allegany County Health Department.  We should note our local health department has been great and has offered tremendous support. Senator George Edwards has also aided our facility on a number of issues as well and we sincerely thank him.

            There has been a lot in the media recently regarding Governor Hogan’s directives and testing.  Please note we are strictly following his guidelines.  Regarding testing, it is our understanding that the state will now be coordinating this and will be focusing on high risk areas and facilities first with testing through the Maryland National Guard. There may be the option to do testing through a private lab and we are investigating this.  Information on this has changed multiple times.  Please know that when this occurs you will be promptly notified by us.  It is worth noting that all of our local hospitals are now testing potential residents that could be admitted into a nursing home.  We sincerely thank them for this. In addition to this, all residents returning from the hospital or being admitted are being quarantined for 14 days as a precaution.

            You may also note that there are some media reports that are placing nursing homes in a very poor light. We know there are some poor facilities out there but we assure you most are fine facilities with dedicated staff who love their residents. We certainly love our residents and are doing all that is humanly possible to keep them safe. We and our staff greatly fear that state and federal enforcement will shift from support to blame during this time.  Please know we are doing our absolute best every single day.  There are too many hero’s to single out.

            To keep you all as informed as possible about our facility, below is a highlighted list of things we are doing daily:

            All residents and staff are being screened daily for symptoms and fever.  Vitals of every resident are being monitored by shift and documented.

  1. Visitation is strictly prohibited except for instances of end of life care for a resident.
  2. Staff are wearing personal protective equipment continuously. Direct care givers are wearing full gear including masks, gloves, isolation gowns, and eye protection.  All staff wear masks continuously.
  3. Staff are changing into and out of scrubs before and after their shifts.  Our facility is laundering all scrubs.
  4. Telehealth for physician visits with residents.
  5. All service deliveries are in non-resident areas only.  Delivery personnel are being screened as well and are required to wear masks.
  6. Social distancing is being maintained as much as possible among residents and staff.
  7. The Activity Department continues to find very creative ways to enhance the quality of life of our residents while keeping them safe.  They are continuing FaceTime chats.  We continue to encourage you to schedule such.
  8. Our staff are also closely monitoring our residents’ mental health.  Our social worker is screening residents and interventions are being made as appropriate.
  9. Housekeeping sanitizes our facility daily and as needed.
  10. All packages that are received by mail are being sanitized and quarantined for at least two days before delivery.

             In closing, we want to again thank you for the support you have offered.  The gifts and meals for staff are tremendously uplifting. Please check our Facebook page and website for updated information. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at 301-463-5451


We presently have no residents or staff that have tested positive for the virus. We continue to strictly follow all Maryland Department of Health (MDH) and Centers for Disease Control (CDD) guidelines for testing of our residents and employees. Currently, a majority of facilities in Maryland have had some rate of infection. 

As you may be aware, Governor Hogan has continued to update guidelines for nursing facilities in an effort to reduce transmission of the virus. We have complied with all of his orders and indeed were practicing most of the guidelines prior to his orders. Of particular note in his most recent order, is his directive to test all nursing home residents and employees in the state. Governor Hogan's order directs MDH to direct testing first to "areas of concern" around the state. We are currently in communication with the Allegany County Health Department for the process in which our residents and employees would be tested. We will be in communication with you when we have more information on this process. 

Governor Hogan has noted that not all facilities across Maryland have followed his directives closely. Please be assured that we are strictly following all guidelines on infection control, testing, and reporting requirements. We have been in communication with the Governor's Maryland National Guard Strike Force Team as well. 

We continue to have good success with our levels of personal protective eqipment (PPE) for staff and also continue to strictly follow all infection control guidelines to keep our residents and staff as safe as humanly possible. Additionally, we will be initiating Telehealth with our physicians next week. 

April 28, 2020

Our facility currently has no COVID19 Cases among staff or residents and we continue to follow all Maryland Department of Health, CMS, and CDC guidelines strictly.  

A big thank you goes out to everyone in our community sending their love and support.  Please continue to visit our Facebook page for more frequent updates. 

Please note that we are complying with all reporting requirements during this crisis including the responsibility to report any future positive cases to all appropriate parties.  Staff and family would be promptly notified in the event we would have a positive case among staff or residents.  Of course we would strictly follow all HIPPA guidelines. 

Thank you and please check this site and our facility Facebook site for more updates.  

Updated April 22, 2020

Our facility continues to operate under strict guidelines as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Maryland Department of Health.

We currently have no cases of COVID-19 among residents or staff members.

Under order from Governor Hogan, CMS, and the Maryland Department of Health, we are taking the following actions to keep our residents and staff safe.

a. Visiting of residents is strictly prohibited except in end of life care situations. Such visits will be coordinated by the facility and family and all infection control guidelines shall be followed.
b. Staff members are using personal protective equipment at all times.  This includes surgical masks by all employees and masks, gloves, eye protection, and isolation gowns by all direct care staff.
c. Service deliveries are made in non resident areas only.
d. All residents are being screened daily for respiratory symptoms and fever. All incidents of respiratory symptoms are closely monitored and appropriate actions taken as necessary.
e. All staff are being screened daily for respiratory symptoms and fever. Staff that are ill are not allowed to work and are montiored under the guidelines established by the CDC before returning to work.
f. Residents returning from hosptial stays are isolated for 14 days to monitor for any symptoms of respiratory illness and fever.
g. New residents are placed in isolation for 14 days to monitor for any symptoms of respiratory illness and fever.
h. Our facility has designated three rooms for isolation precaution. 
i. Communial dining by residents is restricted.
j. Communial activities are restricted. Activities are occurring individually or by following strict social distancing guidelines. 
k. FaceTime and telephone communication is being organized by staff and family members to communicate with their loved ones.
l. The facility is being sanitized by staff at least daily and as needed.

Additionally, our facility is requiring staff members to maintain two sets of uniforms (scrubs) at the facility to aid in infection control. Staff members are changing into their uniforms upon arrival and changing out of their uniforms before departing. Laundering of resident clothing by families is restricted. Personal drop off of care packages is restricted. 
All care packages and items received by mail are disinfected and allowed to sit for a minimum of 24 hours before received by residents. 

This page is updated regularly.  Please contact Jeffery Metz, Administrator, or Angel Cole, Infection Control Nurse, with any questions you may have.  301-463-5451

Thank you for your consideration as we do our absolute best to keep our residents and staff safe at this time.